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All About Me_Simplicity
All About Me_Diligence
My Favorite Apps_St. Teresa
All About Me_Gentleness
All About Me_Courtesy
All About Me_Courtesy

4 hours ago

My Virtual Locker_Courtesy
My Virtual Locker_Diligence
All About Me_Generosity
All About Me_Initiative
My Virtual Locker_Simplicity
My Favorite Apps_St. Joan of Arc
My Virtual Locker_Initiative
My Favorite Apps_St. Judith
My Favorite Apps_St. Monica
My Favorite Apps_St. Felicity
My Favorite Apps_St. Catherine
My Questions_St. Teresa
My Questions_St. Monica
My Questions_St. Judith
My Questions_St. Joan of Arc
My Questions_St. Felicity
My Virtual Locker_Gentleness
My Virtual Locker_Generosity
Frontliner Dad_St. Teresa
Frontliner Dad_St. Monica
Frontliner Dad_St. Judith
Frontliner Dad_St. Joan of Arc
Frontliner Dad_St. Felicity
Dear Ira_St. Monica
Dear Ira_St. Monica

5 days ago

Dear Ira_St. Teresa
Dear Ira_St. Teresa

5 days ago

Dear Ira_St. Judith
Dear Ira_St. Judith

5 days ago

Dear Ira_St. Joan of Arc
Dear Ira_St. Felicity
Turning in
Turning in

1 weeks ago

My Virtual Locker_Benevolence
Dear Ira_St. Catherine
Frontliner Dad_ St. Catherine
All About Me_Benevolence
My Questions_St. Catherine
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