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Octobre rose
Octobre rose

3 days ago

 a pledge to stay positive
 ME -Road safety - 8 J
pratique general 7 j
week 6 2
week 6 2

3 weeks ago

year 8 Moral Week 6
Year 4 G/1st French H.W/WEEK 3
 future scientific inventions
8 j / Moral ed / week 5
Year 4 D/1st French H.W/WEEK 3
3rd session / Choueifat
les salutations / year 6
MORAL Character''8 j''
7 i description
Moral lessons / 8 J
Year 4 A/1st French H.W/WEEK 3
choueifat /1st writing
father responsibilities 2
7 J / description
Moral education week 2 / 8 j
year 9 Day 2 .. les types de log
Duties and Responsibilities?
 soft skills for the 21 century
last school day
whole sch. div.part 2 day 2
Whole Sch. Appr 2 Cul. Div. P. 2
RTA guidelines
Whole Sch.Appr. 2 Cultural Div.
tips 4 a happy mental health
Healthy Lifestyle &Mental Health
Asking for Help /7 j
on va au cinema 2 7 A/b
thank u msg to all heroes
Ma journée au collège-Gr 1/Lun
Ma journée au collège -Gr2/Mar
Ma journée au collège-Gr5/ven
Ma journée au collège-Gr4/Jeu
Ma journée au collège-Gr3-Mer
Ma journée au collège-Gr3/Mer
Ma journée au collège
on va au cinema  ''7A/B''
On va au cinema  7c / 7 F
Causes of Mental Deterioration
 Ma journee
Ma journee

May 13

Views of Mental Health /7J
 A l'aeroport part 2
 A l'aeroport
Faire les courses
Au magasin de vetements
 selection tele /7 A& B
selection tele
acheter un cadeau
la regle de Si
 Faire les courses M. Jalloul
les vetements
 a l'ecole part 1

Mar 31

la vie scolaire year 10
Les verbes du 1er groupe - 6 C
le passe compose
Msg to stop cyberbullying
MORAL Character /8 j
choueifat 1st writing
Selection tele part 2
Views of Mental Health
 bonjour - year 4
Road safety / 8 J