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TNC Products profile (9B)
Evaluate population policy(7B)
TNC Products profile (9A)
Earthquake mitigation-DCH (8C)
Earthquake mitigation-DCH (8A)
Evaluate population policy(7A)
TNC Products profile (9C)
Economic act risk envirnmt(10B)
Earthquake mitigation-DCH (8B)
Evaluate population policy(7C)
Economic act risk envirnmt(10A)
Enhanced Global Warming (10A)
Mitigation VolcanicEruption
Population change&policies(7A)
TransNational Corporation (9B)
volcanoes hazards&benefit (8C)
Population change&policies(7C)
Sustainable development (10A)
Sustainable development (10B)
volcanoes hazards&benefit (8A)
Pollution issue (10A)
Pollution issue (10A)

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Population change&policies(7B)
Mitigation of earthquakes (8C)
Mitigation of earthquakes (8A)
Mitigation of earthquakes (8B)
volcanoes hazards&benefit (8B)
TransNational Corporation (9C)
TransNational Corporation (9A)
Pollution issue (10B)
Population pyramid (7C)
Population pyramid (7B)
Globalisation and its impacts
Migration-E&I (7All)
Population pyramid (7A)
Demographic Transition Model(7C)
Demographic Transition Model(7A)
Proportions of employment (9B)
Enhanced Global Warming (10B)
Volcanic eruptions (C&E)
Proportions of employment (9C)
A change in population size (7C)
A change in population size (7A)
Proportions of employment (9A)
Demographic Transition Model(7B)
Causes&effects Earthquake (8C)
Causes&effects Earthquake (8B)
Causes&effects Earthquake (8A)
A change in population size (7B)