How to use groups

We’ll explain how you can share your stickies using lino group for administrators and members.

At first

You can choose how members can join the group from these two ways.

  • Anyone (Approval is required by Administrators)
    It’s suitable to recruit members broadly.
  • By invitation only
    It’s suitable for groups whose members have already been fixed.

Creating a new group (Administarator)

  1. Register a user to lino.
  2. Create a new group.
  3. Invite new members.
  4. Visit here for details.

How you can join a group with ‘By invitation only’ membership

  1. You’ll receive an invitation from the group administrator.
  2. Visit the URL written in the invitation.
  3. Register a user to lino.
  4. Join the group.
  5. Visit here for details。

How you can join a group with ‘Anyone’ membership

  1. Find the group which recruit a new member.
  2. Visit the group URL.
  3. Register a user to lino.
  4. Apply to join the group.
  5. (By administrators) Approve the application.
  6. Visit here for details.